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Minutes of T.I.Y. Members' Meeting held on Thursday, July 8th

1.Minutes of previous board meeting.

Most matters were covered elsewhere but thanks were given to the friend of member Steve Montgomery who had offered to pay for advertising in the Southport Visiter for matches throughout the season. The adverts would also mention T.I.Y. but at no cost to the Trust.

2.Finances – Phil Carder gave a detailed hand out of accounts

At present the balance stood at £11,371.81 but this was before the outstanding £3800 for the reserve team manager’s expenses had been  paid.

Without that the reserve team funding provided totalled £ 7,894

The net SURPLUS on coach travel on the season was £791.

The hosting fee for the Trust website had been paid to the end of May 2012.

There was an outstanding invoice for £3800 from the club for the reserve team manager. At the meeting with the club assurances had been received about the invoices. They did agree with the original T.I.Y. estimates and it was agreed to pay money for that amount.

With the shares received so far and with the further amount due the Trust would become the fourth largest shareholder.

The T.I.Y. brochure ‘A Season to Savour’ to celebrate the Championship success had been very well received and was selling very well. Thanks to Rob Urwin, Julia Urwin and Alan Jones and all members involved in its production.


Bill Sloan reported that membership now stood at 199. The next month was very busy in terms of memberships being due for renewal and letters and email would be sent out reminding people to rejoin.

3.Feedback and discussion from meeting with club and actions to take forward.

A report was given on the meeting with the club which had taken place on Wednesday, 16th June after the club AGM.

The Trust had been represented by Martin Robinson, Rob Urwin, Nick Catterall, Julia Urwin and Bill Sloan. The club by Charlie Clapham, Sam Shrouder and Liam Watson.

The Trust had suggested this date to the club because we had been waiting so long for another meeting. Even so there was only limited time for discussions.


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NEXT MEMBERS' MEETING. Thursday, July 8th

The next meeting for members of Trust In Yellow will be held on

Thursday, 8th July at 7-30pm in the Grandstand Bar

The agenda will include a report back on the Trust's meeting with the club on the 16th June and also a discussion of plans for projects for the coming season.

ALL members are very welcome to attend.



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Minutes of Trust Meeting

Minutes of TIY open meeting, 18 March 2010 

Committee present: Martin R, Phil C, Rob U, Julia U, Nick C, Alan J

Meeting chaired by Martin R in the absence of Alan S 

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Minutes of 'Meet the Manager' meeting

‘Meet the Manager’    Grandstand Bar.   7-30pm Thursday, 18th March 2010.

 Around 45 supporters were present to ask questions to Liam Watson.

 The meeting was chaired by Rob Urwin who started by thanking Liam very much for giving up his time to come to meet supporters.

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T.I.Y. meeting. Thursday, 18th March

A reminder of the meeting on Thursday, 18th at 7-30pm in the Grandstand Bar.

The meeting will be in two parts.

                                       'MEET THE MANAGER'

Thanks to Liam Watson who has agreed to come and answer questions from supporters.

This part of the meeting will be open to members AND non-members.  

                                      T.I.Y. MEMBERS MEETING

After a break there will then be a short meeting for T.I.Y. members

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